film & digital photographer

based in the Fraser Valley, BC

oh hey there! Let's get to know each other!, I'll go first,

I don't have a big a-ha moment of when I knew I loved photography and I haven't been in the industry long but I do know I have always had a passion for it that stems back to my childhood days with a point & shoot film camera.

It wasn't clear to me until I became a mom how fast the days and the years go by. So when my son was born I went out a purchased my first DLSR. Capturing my own family connections has truly inspired me all these years & I truly believe I was put on this earth to document those little moments to tell your story too!

fact 01.

I met my husband in grade 8 where we had every class together, even the schools swim club. one year I asked him out for valentines over msn... he said no. Fast forward 22 years later we are now married, raising 2 kids together.

fact 02.

I grew up in the 90's early 2000's so a lot of my inspirations stems from that. I also have a thing for anything 80's aesthetic.

fact 03.

Capturing authentic human connection is what inspires me the most but I also love photographing florals + scenic landscapes.

fact 04.

Before photography I went into a trade and was an automotive refinisher tech. Before that I was a waitress at a 50's diner.

fact 05.

I LOVE black + white images! To me they have a nostalgic, romantic, soft vibe about them that I can't get enough of. I promise your gallery will still be full of coloured images too!

fact 06.

I believe that there is something truly special in the everyday life. The Mundane as they call it.

fact 07.

another hobby of mine includes graphite drawing obscure eyeballs with flowers. You can check out a highlight of my illustrations on Instagram.

fact 08.

I have a deep love for the ocean and anything to do with it. Ive always said one day I will live by it, and I when there's a documentary about anything water related im fascinated. Also whales are the most majestic animals.