Oh hey there! the names Erin, a BC lower mainland and Vancouver photographer specializing in family and motherhood photography.

Motherhood inspires me everyday because I can relate to it so well. Being a mother for the better part of 6 years now to both my wild and rambunctious little ones Ive learned a great deal from patients, to gratitude and strength. Becoming a mom is what gave me the desire to pick up a camera in the first place. It gave me purpose on more than one account. PHOTOGRAPHER CONFESSION- I never got any professional photos done when I was pregnant or family newborn's either!

It was shortly after my son was born, I remember being on facebook bidding wars purchasing a newborn session. When I had received my gallery I thought to myself "huh, I could totally do this! I could take my own family photos" Casually bringing the idea up to my husband pitching to him about all the money we would save from us not buying photos anymore, HECK YA he was on board! Well from what I thought anyways haha. I don't think he expected me to go out the next day and purchase one. Anyways there I was with my brand new rebel T6 capturing candid, honest images of our lives and of my loves. That moment, that decision and the many others (including upgrades) in between has brought me to where I am today.



Styling your motherhood session comes down to a few basics. The first step asking yourself how do you want it to feel? is that cozy and relaxed? boho and fun, elegant and formal? Next step is deciding on how you want your images to look overall by picking a location. Then from there we will take into consideration of your location when planning tones and colours of your clothing. I will also be there every step of the planning. I like to have a 15 min (but not limited to) phone or video call to help with styling.



When it comes to the little details in your motherhood session its totally up to you to splurge or not. Some clients like to pamper themselves on the day and get their make-up and hair done professionally but its not necessary. For your make up I always suggest keeping it more on the neutral side keeping it as close to your everyday wear as possible so you feel the most like yourself, but you can always go more glam if you wish!

As for hair I highly suggest keeping it down as it adds dimension to the photographs. Like on a windy day it gives movement and adds to the storytelling of the image. Curled or straight, that's your call. IF you decide on an updo, that's cool too!

Now for your hands, they will be in the photos a lot so I HIGHLY suggest keeping them polished and clean (that goes for the men too!) If you decide on wearing polish please keep your colour choice to a neutral light shade. Anything to dark distracts the eye from where it should be drawn too.



If you wish to accessories during your motherhood session please do! It can add sooo so much especially to the story telling of your photographs. It's a special way of incorporating the uniqueness of what makes you who you are.

When I send out my questionnaire one of my questions are is there anything you would like to bring to add to the story of who you are? is there a blanket? a little Teddy bears or stuffed animal? mama, do you have any jewelry that holds sentimental value? These little thing, make for big impacts in your final gallery I promise!

Flowers are ALWAYS a pretty addition if you wish to add them. Whether it be a bouquet or some in your hair it adds softness and elegance. They also make for some fun props to play around with during our time together. I have many suggestions and during our planning phase we can talk about all your options... cause your possibilities are endless, it just comes down to price.

Now for the under garments, please PLEASE consider your outfit when choosing what's going under it haha we don't want any bra straps sticking out no matter what colour they are. I strongly recommend nude coloured undergarments because it goes well with absolutely everything! I also suggest silicone nipple stickies if going braless.

An hour or so before your session do a quick body check and get those hair elastics off your wrists so you don't have impression lines around them, same goes with bras that may leave lines on a visible part of your body where the dress shows bare skin. An Guys please take off your watches.

Shoes will most defiantly be In the shots choosing footwear you will be happy with in your photos is also a top priority. Nude colours, Browns, blacks or any colour that makes your outfit will look great. Im also big on going barefoot just make sure them toes are glammed up to make your hands. Please avoid bright colors, sparkly or too white. This distracts your eyes when looking at an image and we don't want our focus to be on shoes. I don't mind runners for guys just again if that's your plan, make sure they are a neutral tone.


These can call be really distracting in your images :

  • logos : unless for a specific image like sibling announcement
  • bright colours : they can leave a cast on your skin
  • graphics e.g marvel or any characters
  • sparkly or bright shoes.

e.g: of a logo for a sibling anncoument



Heres a little list of some stores or brands I suggest when looking for outfits. Remember it doesn't have to be super pricey. There are lots of great options out the're depending on what your budget is. I also offer a styling phone or video call where we can go over particular stores and price points to get you what your visions are!

Zara - All around great store for kids and parents, very affordable and fashionable.

H & M - Same as before its got everything for everyone and even better price point. Great for basics!

The Gap - Lots of basic options for guys

Plenty - pretty dresses, chunky sweaters for a boho vibe

Nothing Fits But - Pretty dresses that can be both regular & Maternity. Also has Mama & Me matching dresses

Free people - gorgeous dresses at a higher price point

Roolee - has some cute dresses but is an American site so be careful on duty

ASOS- Both men and women options.

Oak&Fort - women's and men's fashion